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Who We Are

BioSpark is a community of healthcare innovators


Healthcare is a complicated space. We throw events for individuals in healthcare to meet, connect, share their expertise and provide mentorship for one another.


We are a curious about pushing boundaries in healthcare. We are doctors that change conventional thinking in healthcare, engineers that push the boundaries of medical technologies, and computer scientists that connect the world in efforts to deliver better care.


We are a community strengthened by our member's contributions to grow and improve our organization. We welcome all to join and take leadership in spreading our values and improving healthcare.

Our Values

Our guiding principles in improving healthcare

  • Find Your Objective

    A necessary first step in making a difference. This may change along the way, but you still must have one.

  • Your Journey will be Self Guided

    Though you may receive help along the way, your journey is ultimately self guided. This is often a necessary truth in being a successful leader or entrepreneur.

  • Stay Calm, Keep Hacking

    Almost anything can be achieved with patience, persistence, trial & error, some coffee, Google and SparkFun Electronics. Knowledge is within our reach, and your biggest obstacle may be yourself.

  • Giving Back

    Share knowledge with others to help the community. Hack for a cause and launch your civic minded healthcare app for free on Heroku, and open source your code on GitHub!

  • Stay
    My Friend!

Med-Needs Night

Nov 6th 2013

Health-Tech Speed Networking and Mentoring

Apr 24 2014

Collaboration for Health Innovation

Nov 4th 2014

Medical Innovators Networking

Apr 3rd 2013

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