Welcome Friends!

What is BioSpark Innovation?

For our first blog post I wanted to talk about the goals of BioSpark and this blog. We’re somewhere at the intersection of Healthcare, Education, and Technology.

Why we Exist?

To help contribute to leaving the world a bit healthier and happier than where we found it.

Hacking for Cause

So, here’s where I was thinking to initially go with this blog. Healthcare and technology can be quite a finicky thing. Some of our most challenging and terrible healthcare problems never seem to get solved because they are too niche for any market ROI. There is still great value in solving these problems. There is value for the people affected and for our educational purposes. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could forget the ROI for a moment and see how far we could take on these problems as hobby if anything. And if it happens to turn into a profitable business later, than rock on!

I am a healthcare nerd. So I will be posting logs of my journeys through different technologies in efforts to help share the knowledge. I encourage others to do so as well, and we will see what great and amazing things can unfold!

Thanks for reading. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Best Regards,

Andrew Akagawa
Writer, Coder, Healthcare Nerd

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

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