The Post Apocalyptic World of Healthcare in 2017

by Andrew Akagawa

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I’m finally getting into the world of Twitter and am finding it like a scary, post apocalyptic 1980’s movie, filled with noise, chaos, Donald Trump, and nuclear war. Today, I woke up to the following Trump tweet rampage on Obamacare, and am amazed at how well Trump inspires the fearful, angry, internet troll in all of us.

Let’s face it, the current state of our healthcare remains a mess. Should we blame the last administration? Heck no! What was accomplished during the Obama administration, for better or for worse, was revolutionary. Is it flawed? Heck yes, but it is okay to be flawed on our road to making progress.

We are not a perfect nation, and that’s part of the beauty of America. Imperfection is ingrained throughout American culture dating back to our origins, and is symbolized in the unfinished pyramids on our dollar bills. We embrace our imperfections as they are a constant reminder for us to continue in our pursuit of becoming more perfect. We are an iterative nation of innovators, who aren’t afraid to try things out and make improvements where we see opportunities. That is what makes America great! Hence, it is all of our responsibility to continue improving healthcare in 2017 and beyond.

I still remain hopeful that the next four years will be characterized less by desperate finger pointing and more by helping others, because the former is such a waste of time. But who knows, maybe I’m still just not getting the movement. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on improving healthcare, or just tell me that I’m stupid.

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